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WEB-COUNTER - Intelligent System Counters

The unit allows you to run for the presence of people or vehicles within an area. The unit is designed to receive an Input for each direction, or connect to a double photocell system for the control of the bi-directional flow. The unit communicates via Ethernet and the Web interface that displays information.

the unit implements a flow metering system. from the web interface, you can configure the times and of one of the two types of Input Management System counter:

  • A single pulse, a pulse for each direction of transit
  • For sequential pulse used with a double photocell system

Transactions and the counter values are stored in a log of internal events viewable from the web interface. Two relays allow you to have two programmable outputs. For every transit the unit transmits on the network notification of transit place and the total number of people in the area, a visualization software allows you to view on any PC that information.

Example of installation in the vicinity of the entry / exit lane on the Reception Counter. The system is installed at a height of 89/90 cm from the ground in order to detect the passage at the hips of people.

About US

The Company ZSE Software & Engineering is today leading Company in the provision of Information Systems for Access Control. Founded in 1992 as a Company exclusively of Software Development, ZSE now offers solutions with a full range of products that meet the customer with solutions to 360 ° turn-key .... >>>>


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Dedicated Software

Personal Training & Coaching
Gym & Fitness Club
SPA & Wellness Center
Dance Schools
Golf & Tennis Club
Private Association and Clubs
Physioterapy Center
Medical Center
Presences and Accesses Offices
Building-Site Solution
Museums, Trade Shows e Manifestations
Marketing & Customer Loyalty

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